Just before Covid-19 took hold, my husband and I took a trip to northern Sweden where we landed in a snowy white landscape surrounded by beautiful alpine forests and vast lakes.

We stayed in a tiny village called Kall, where the stillness and simplicity of the surrounding countryside literally took my breath away - it was so peaceful(!) and being a huge lover of the mountains, I felt completely at home. It's the raw beauty of the place that really stood out for me and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to ski, likes a beer and doesn't mind eating an awful lot of elk (which was delicious by the way}!

In particular, I loved their use of very muted, soft greens against punches of rich and earthy terracottas and stark black.  Northern Sweden is without doubt a place I would recommend anyone to visit.  The people are lovely, the landscape is beautiful and I would love to see it during the summer months when the snow has gone.

It's the colours that really made an impact on me and I've tried to reflect some of those colour combinations in the fabric collection that I've been working on which will be available over the coming weeks and months. The fresh palette alongside earthy tones is a combination that I love and I have used them in a version of my 'Peabirds' wallpaper - a minty green with terracotta.

One of the things that I loved about where we stayed was this beautiful, calm green painted on every wall which complimented the natural materials used throughout; wooden floors & ceilings, warm terracotta rugs and worn leather chairs to add comfort and texture.  It felt very peaceful and the views outside the windows really demonstrated how well they had translated their environment and bought that natural feel to their home.  It felt effortless.