Our Story

My home interiors collection has been a journey of discovery and one that I have enjoyed immensely.  For me, it’s all about simplicity partnered with colour and texture.

I am always inspired by nature and my love for the outdoors. Using a palette of earthy hues and fresh tones, there is a perfect colour combination to suit all tastes.

I describe my style as traditionally British with a contemporary twist and it’s a love of pared back, understated elegance that makes my designs work either on their own or mixed in with other styles and genres.

I create designs in my signature style from drawings using pen and ink and my love of colour and texture means that all my wallcoverings and fabrics and home accessories have a very tactile, earthy feel about them.

Bringing the outside in has always been my philosophy, and my influence comes from my favourite places, from the north Norfolk coast to the Rutland countryside, where I live with my husband and two daughters.

By merging my passion for interiors with my love of illustration, my style is perfectly suited to creating wallpapers and fabrics which translate beautifully in both commercial and residential settings.


“As a small independent business, I am determined to not compromise on quality and offer a premium product that not only supports the UK economy but also takes the environmental impact of what I’m offering into account as well. My designs are an investment that has longevity at its core – it is not a throwaway product but something that I hope my clients will treasure for years to come.”

Annie Allison

Support Local

Firstly, the core wallpaper and fabric collections are all manufactured in the UK. Being a small, independent business herself, Annie recognises the need to support UK based enterprises. In the few instances when products are made abroad, it is with an Artisan specialism and where local families and communities are being supported through their trade, such as her Crewel embroidered Fabric collection made in Kashmir.

Made With Care

All Annie Allison Design wallpapers and fabrics are made to a high quality using natural, environmentally friendly materials where possible to create a luxury interiors product, which has a premium look and feel, while also to create something that lasts. Annie’s designs are created to be timeless, with the aim that her client’s look will last for decades rather than just a seasonal trend.

Ethical Materials

Annie Allison’s fabrics and wallpapers are all made from natural fibres to give you peace of mind that the materials you bring into your home are as sustainable as possible. Our packaging is always chosen with the environment in mind, with as little wastage as possible, and even our Interior Design pattern books are made to be reusable rather than having to be thrown away when new collections are added.