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“I have been lucky enough to work in collaboration with Fenwick & Tilbrook to produce a selection of beautiful colours.”

Fenwick & Tilbrook have a history in producing paints that are long lasting, reassuringly high quality and easy to apply with an extraordinary depth of colour using the finest of ingredients.

All the paints come in a variety of finishes, are water based and made to order. Every tin is checked by hand and a record is kept of the colour before it is delivered fresh to you the next working day.

Ink Blue

This is a colour that epitomises elegance. It is rich, deep and opulent.


An incredibly versatile white as it is both fresh yet warm.

Cow Parsley

An absolute favourite if you’re looking to add a lovely hint of green to your walls.


This beautiful greige is a great staple and has a lovely earthy tone. A classic neutral for those who are looking for a touch of warmth.

Rutland Blue

A classic blue that works in so many ways. It is a blue that adds warmth and character to a room in a truly understated way.

Stone Rose

A truly beautiful, soft tone with a very subtle touch of peach. It offers a lovely backdrop that is incredibly versatile as it works with so many colours.


This is a real crowd pleaser. It has a beautiful earthy richness to it that adds deptch to any room.


Designed for those who love a deep, vibrant colour. This is one that makes a very beautiful statement.

Stamford Blue

A beautiful rich navy blue and a true classic.