Annie Allison

2022 nature’s inspiration

My colour palette has always leaned towards earthy hues that add warmth and depth to a room and this style of palette is very much the trend for 2022. I love deep, rich greens and soft, warm pinks, as well as stoney blues and off whites – they are colours that to me feel grounded and make me happy. I firmly believe that this year is very much the year for positivity so whether you are an avid lover of colour or prefer a more neutral palette, rich colours add a sense of fun and joy and warm neutrals give a sense of calm.

Earthy palette

This year, it appears that a natural earthy palette is going to be the go to, combined with nature inspired designs which again could well be a reflection of the the past two years. It has been a journey where we have realised more than ever, how important it is to get outside and appreciate nature to help get us through what has been a very difficult time for many.

Nature’s inspiration

My designs have always been inspired by the outdoors and like many designers, I get my inspiration from the environment and my travels. It is the natural beauty that inspires me and I try to reflect a natural simplicity in my own design style.

Calming neutrals